Lee Precision Mold Double Cavity 358-140-SWC

This Lee Precision Double Cavity Bullet Mold produces .358 diameter 140 grain Semi Wad Cutter nose bullets suitable for 38 Special, 38 S&W, 38 Colt New Police, 357 Mag, etc. 
This mold, like all Lee Precision molds, is made from aluminum and so is completely rust resistant, lighter, and heats up and cools down faster than other brands made from iron or steel.

As a result, Lee molds are easier to use, cause less operator fatigue during casting and can produce more
consistent bullets than other brands made from iron or steel. Lee's mold blocks are CNC machined to provide unmatched precision.

The bullet weight specified is based on using Lee's suggested alloy, your results may vary depending on the actual alloy used.

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Lee Mold 358-140-SWC 2 Cav

  • 729.00 Kr

  • Ex Tax: 583.20 Kr

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