• Lee Collet 2-Die Set .223 Remington

Lee Precision Collet 2-Die Set .223 Remington

There is no loading system that will load more accurate ammunition than the Lee Precision .223 Remington Collet 2-Die Set.  The Collet Die squeezes the case neck against a precision mandrel for a perfect bullet fit, with minimum run-out. No case lube is needed. Maximum accuracy is usually achieved by seating the bullet out far enough to touch or almost touching the rifle with the Bullet Seating Die. This provides the shot start pressure, normally supplied by the crimp. 

Not recommended for Autoloaders, Slide or Lever Action Guns.


  • Collet neck sizing dieLee Precision Collet Die cutaway (Shown in picture at right)
  • Dead length bullet seating die
  • Shell Holder
  • Powder Dipper
  • Load Data
  • Storage box


No Lubrication Required

  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Extends case life 10X
  • Fastest to use
  • No cleaning required
  • Not recommended for autoloaders, slide or lever action guns


  • Seating bullets excessively deep will reduce the case capacity and increase the pressure. It is extremely important that full wadcutter bullets be used with light loads ONLY. You can select these by their reduced velocity.

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Lee Collet 2-Die Set .223 Remington

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